Terms of service

The present terms of service - the main document regulating the rights of users on the website Dosug93. This provision gets force from the moment of the beginning of use of services and services of the project. At disagreement with any of paragraphs of the agreement, you should leave this Internet resource.


  1. Subject of the agreement
    1. The present document - the regulations which are the regulator of the relations between visitors of the website Dosug93 and its administration;
    2. All capable persons which reached only 21 years will be able to use services of the project;
    3. Dosug93 - the service representing the website of erotic acquaintances. All tools of the project promote finding of couple for pastime of sexual character;
    4. The present agreement - the document, responsibility for which is born by administration of the project. Any changes in its structure are carried out by creators Dosug93 on own discretion and at any time. The special messages notifying users on the beginning of moderation are not provided.
  2. General provisions
    1. Placement of personal information by means of special questionnaires happens users. The administration of the project is not engaged in the publication of any questionnaires, and also does not correct them;
    2. Use in personal profiles and questionnaires of users of information contradicting the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and also any materials protected by the various legally issued rights, inadmissibly. The person which published them, but not administration of the project Dosug93 bears for any damage caused by these materials to other users, responsibility;
    3. Any content posted on the website with a high probability contains the materials intended for viewing by the persons who reached only 21 years. Graphics and tests contain a sexual component which viewing is inadmissible to minors. In addition, some information can have the message offending your religious and moral and personal beliefs: some information is a payment for rendering of services of erotic character;
    4. Does not bear for any consequences which were caused visit of the website Dosug93 the persons which did not reach full age age, namely 21 years administration of the project of responsibility. Can lead violations of this instruction to irreparable consequences.
  3. Registration and safety
    1. After passing of the procedure of registration, each user obtains information for an entrance on the website, namely: login and password. Each participant of the project bears direct responsibility as safety of a personal profile of the user depends on safety of login and the password for these data. You have to report about any unauthorized access, use of your profile by the third parties to administration of the website. If not to take timely actions, any information posted on the website can undergo serious danger. The administration of the website Dosug93 does not bear responsibility for loss of any important information which happened as a result action of malefactors;
    2. The right for use of a personal profile you possess only personally! Use of your account by the unregistered persons inadmissibly. Deliberate transfer of access to a personal profile to the third parties is forbidden. The conclusion of any contractual relations which realization is enabled by means of general availability of your account does not take place to be;
    3. It is necessary to remember that the administration of the project has full authority both for temporary freezing of your profile, and for its full removal from the database with the subsequent formatting of all used information. The main reason for such blocking - violation of paragraphs of the present terms of service.
  4. Rights and duties
    1. Any information component of the website Dosug93, loaded by users into the general access, cannot be exact and reliable for 100%. Creators of the website do not control the data flow transferred between users and do not bear for it any responsibility. All participants of the project Dosug93 interacting with this website are obliged to check all published information for reliability and admissibility from the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
    2. Any information provided by you in the form of questionnaires and published on the website automatically becomes public: any Internet user will be able to get acquainted with it. It is necessary to remember that use of others personal information on Dosug93 is inadmissible. Guilty users, but not administration of the project are responsible for any harm done to the third parties because of disclosure of their personal information.
    3. On the website Dosug93 it is forbidden:
      1. To use the materials containing inadmissible, offensive or slanderous information. Any information anyway touching feelings of believers, propagandizing or calling for the actions forbidden by the criminal code of the Russian Federation is inadmissible. Distribution of extremist materials will cause not only blocking of the account, but also prosecution from law enforcement agencies of the power;
      2. To violate the rights of persons of minor age, and also causing any damage by that will cause due punishment;
      3. To publish materials of pornographic character. Any content violating this paragraph will be immediately removed;
      4. To offend the persons belonging to various minorities. Users Dosug93 are equal among themselves;
      5. To mislead users, and also to pretend to be other person or the member of any organization for the sake of obtaining various privileges;
      6. To post on the website Dosug93 content protected by various rights and arrangements. The publication of materials, unappropriated for public viewing, can lead to emergence of some problems;
      7. To publish the materials protected by copyright and various trademarks. Use of someone else's content is forbidden by the 146th article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Violation of this agreement will cause sanctions from administration and criminal liability;
      8. To place uncoordinated advertizing materials, roguish schemes and ways of earnings in the Internet, and also a various contact information of strange faces (E-mail, phone numbers, etc.). Any interaction with content of this sort can lead to blocking of a personal profile on service Dosug93;
      9. To interact with materials, the representing various virus and hacker codes / programs which main objective - interception of personal data of the user, information of payment service providers, and also promote deterioration in operability of personal computers of participants. Placement of similar content, and also references to it is forbidden by the present agreement;
      10. Deliberately to break precepts of law, and also to indulge such violation by other users;
      11. To make collecting personal information on other participants of the project, to store it during time and to use in the mercenary purposes;
      12. To make any actions capable to anyway break operability of the website;
      13. It is illegal to represent the rights of other persons in any ways on service Dosug93;
      14. To indulge deliberate violation of paragraphs of the present terms of service, and also to break those independently;
      15. To provide various information on finding of the forbidden and immoral associations (various brothels, etc.);
    4. At violation at least of one of a condition of the present document, the personal profile of the user is subject to blocking without granting an opportunity to remove the means spent for the project;
    5. Any information which is published on the website has to be checked for reliability and coherence with the present document. The administration of the project is not engaged in check and moderation of the placed materials. Any content inappropriate to the present agreement will be withdrawn from public access, and sanctions will be applied to the user who placed unseemly materials;
    6. It is necessary to remember that any information entered by you on the website can undergo transfer by means of worldwide network or to any changes to please of the present agreement;
    7. Each user undertakes not to trade on website materials. Copying of any content for commercial purposes is inadmissible;
    8. Besides the registered participants of the project Dosug93, this service is actively visited by simple inhabitants of the Internet. Their actions are not regulated by the present terms of service therefore the administration of the project does not bear any responsibility for them.
  5. Information references
    1. Information component of the website Dosug93 may contain references to various Internet resources. The administration of the website does not bear responsibility for materials, the references placed on other side. Users carry out all transitions at own risk.
  6. Rights of the website for content
    1. All services and services of the website Dosug93 consist of content to which the various rights extend. All information is protected by author's, patent and other types of the rights. Full or partial use of these materials without coordination with owners is inadmissible. The ban is imposed on any structural change or any other modifications;
    2. All services and possibilities of the website are subject to individual use. Any transfer of rights to the account is impossible. The administration of the project Dosug93 does not bear responsibility for use of tools of the website by third parties by means of your personal profile;
    3. All rights for any information component after the publication pass to administration. Creators of the project in the right to interact with the obtained data on the discretion (moderation, transfer, removal). Any content inappropriate to the present terms of service will be removed.
  7. Guarantees
    1. Each user has to accept the following items of the agreement:
      1. Each user has full access to opportunities and services of the website Dosug93. Use of services of the project not on the conceived appointment can lead to unpredictable consequences. The administration of the project does not bear responsibility for uses of the website for, inappropriate to the real destination;
      2. Each of services of the website performs a certain function. If use of those services did not result in desirable result, the administration of the project is not in it guilty. In addition, creators of the project do not guarantee ideal functioning of all conceived opportunities. Any failures and malfunctions can happen, but the administration of the project will do everything possible for their elimination;
      3. When downloading from the website of any materials all responsibility lays down on shoulders of users. Any content can do harm to your personal computer therefore it is worth showing consideration for loading of suspicious materials. The administration of the project is not responsible for possible damage of your data or the computer;
      4. The administration will not indemnify any loss to the users injured with violation of paragraphs of the present agreement. In case of loss of access to the account or damage of the malefactors given because of unauthorized access to a profile, creators of the project are not considered as guilty persons;
      5. In case of theft of information component of a profile of the user or placement that on third-party resources, the administration of the project does not bear responsibility for actions of plagiarists;
      6. If placement of the questionnaire did not result in the expected result, the website Dosug93 is not a guilty person. Users build any relations without participation of administration of the project;
      7. If the guilt of administration was proved in this or that problem situation, the website can pay to victims material compensation of 50 US dollars.
  8. Final provisions
    1. The present agreement is official and has validity. All relations between the website and users are fixed at the legislative level;
    2. Creation of any partner, friendly, friendly relations between administration of the project and its participants is forbidden. Any similar unions for the purpose of receiving mutual benefit are inadmissible the present agreement;
    3. Cancellation of action of this or that paragraph of the present agreement by executive authorities of the Russian Federation does not influence working capacity and reality of other conditions of this document at all;
    4. Any violation of the rules of the website will cause punishment. Immediacy of imposition of sanctions against the guilty user is not guaranteed. However it does not mean at all that the user who neglected website conditions Dosug93 will remain unpunished.
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