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The beauties living on the website Dosug93 became famous for the professional abilities on all city of Sochi long ago. Services which they provide differ in special passion and tenderness. Before the direct choice of one (or several) charming loose women, you should visit the section "Intimacy map". For what he is necessary? Now we will tell.


This section is completely devoted to the map of the city of Sochi, namely that its part where beautiful women of easy virtue and passions settled down. Various designations will help you to accustom better on the map and to draw the corresponding conclusions.


Map legend


First of all, multi-colored tags on the map are evident. These are peculiar points which are responsible for location of loose women in this or that area.


  1. Green color symbolizes erotic salons which work with various courtesans.
  2. Red color - color of girls individuals. These persons are responsible for themselves.


Having pressed a certain tag, you will follow the link which is responsible for the file of this or that loose woman. There you will be able to study all its characteristics and the list of the provided services. To choose whom it is better to address, the client has to. But anyway, he should not be sorry!


Except tags, the mini-map dazzles with various and functional tools which are responsible for various actions.


  1. Buttons of scaling and movement of the map simplify interaction with the necessary area. Having allocated the necessary object, you can bring closer or distance it to consider in more detail.
  2. The tool designated by the pictogram in the form of a ruler will promote you in measurement of distance to the desired beauty. Knowing exact distances to the purpose, you without effort will be able to count time which will leave on overcoming this route.
  3. For additional convenience the map has several types of viewing: in the form of the scheme, in the form of the satellite or in the form of a hybrid (the scheme + the satellite)


Having this knowledge and understanding all subtleties of the map, you without special work will be able to orient in the following parameters. You will be able to choose the courtesan suitable all your inquiries, and also living or working in the area which is most suitable for you. Without problems you will be able to reach the destination, you will foreknow what transport it is the best of all to use.


To all aforesaid, it is necessary to add only one: you should not linger! Agree about a meeting with the pleasant maiden and realize all the sexual desires!

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