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Many consider that everything is known about geishas, but to try here the member, what is it, very few people could. Today inhabitants and guests of the resort town have a simple opportunity to become the lords of extraordinary sexual Asian prostitutes of Sochi. On a resource of pleasures "Dosug93" there is a special section where photos and questionnaires of Asian whores are collected. The majority will want a Japanese geisha at once, but it is necessary to consider that they take expensively, but and their services are specific.


  • The geisha always can will arrange for you representation, as much as extravagant: with a fisting, shibari-ligottazhy (binding of separate bodies or all body).
  • The clever Japanese whore willingly will play for you the whole performance: with tears, with fear at a coition, with "treason", enthusiastic from passion, in the public place.
  • It is clear, that the whores capable to turn all these shows for the mister are usually clever and therefore are pleasant in communication. Therefore there is an opportunity not just to burn calories in sex for hour or night, and to employ the similar charming woman individual on all holiday.


Asians - not only Japan!


But you should not go in cycles in the word "geisha", other Asian whores from the website "Dosug93" possess own exclusive on sexual service.


  • Fragile Thai women are usually furious and tireless in sex, at the same time contrast between the size of bodies of partners excites especially.
  • Koreans became famous for the whole world for uncontrollable "animal" excitability and special causticity during the act.
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