Intimate salons

  • Anakonda

    ул. Новоселов, 7 Б

    Tired of diversity? Visit the "Anaconda" salon, in which the best and most beautiful girls will show you what a variety and relaxation ar...

  • Secret

    ул. Первомайская, 21
    от 2500 руб. за час

    At any time, visit the Secret store and choose for yourself a posh prostitute. Girls serve in excellent conditions, allow men to dominate...

  • Walleri

    Орджоникидзе 24
    от 3000 р.

    The interior of Walleri employs the best and most professional girls. Only quality sex for your money. The young ladies will be able to p...

  • Pautina

    ул. Шоссейная, 18А
    от 3000 руб. за час

    If you do not have enough new and pleasant sensations, visit the Salon "Web" and choose for yourself a muddle to your liking. All the gir...

  • Erotic

    ул. Первомайская, 21
    от 3000 руб. за час

    Salon Erotic is a godsend for men who love a variety and vivid sex. Our professional and experienced girls will be able to drive every cu...

  • Raffaella

    ул. Волжская, 13
    от 2600 руб. за час

    If you do not have enough sex, and you want to diversify your sex life as much as possible, visit the Raffaella salon and choose a worthy...

  • LeON

    пер. Морской, 1/1
    от 4000 руб. за час

    The intimate salon LeON represents the best and most professional girls who are ready to satisfy all the wishes of their customers all ni...


    ул. Санаторная 42/35
    от 2300 руб. за час

    Intim-salon "Boomerang" invites you to professional sex services for all unsatisfied men. Professional girls can quickly indulge you, jus...

  • Relax

    ул. Целинная 45/1.
    от 2000 руб. за час

    Salon Relax invites all men to the services of professional sex. Our girls are always well-groomed, professional, know what services to r...


Home tourism capital of Russia - Sochi - ready to entertain the tourists not only local attractions but also the beautiful girls who open their arms for the wealthy and single men. For these clients, provide accurate profiles nymphs salon, offering a series of intimate services. These can include massage, striptease, role-playing games; and sometimes it is a complex, aimed at the release of male sexual energy.


Each client is paying attention to the girl as much as he wants the man, because the duration of leisure is totally dependent on his desires and financial position. But even 30 minutes, it can last as the shortest session salon nymph can plunge into the world of his client's most secret and hidden desires.


Experienced clients sometimes do not trust girls working for themselves, and treat only in the real salons. This option has long beats individualok several options:


  • The girl working in a salon, always neat, beautiful, in a good mood. For her, this activity can not be more than a hobby, and therefore, it is the process will get no less pleasure than the client. This fact has a positive effect on the sex.
  • Nymph never divulge information that you were at her house, as many women hide from close involvement in this activity.
  • Most girls do not turn against the prostitute in conventional kept women that can free you from the constant search for the lady of passionate entertainment.
  • If the girl you loved it, you can extend the time during the holiday as salon ladies take into account all the wishes of the client.
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