Massage: sakura

  • Tanya

    Two hours:
    Sex with me is boundless. That I will allow you to experiment and enjoy high-quality manipulation.

In the east special outlook which strongly differs from the European. In Asia sex is considered not a sin, but way to derive pleasure and expression of love. There are no bans and a taboo. About geishas legends went. These east courtesans had no sex, but were able to give to men unsurpassed pleasure. For this purpose they used different technicians. Now massage "an Oriental cherry branch" is available not only in Japan, but also in Sochi.


Local prostitutes do not lag behind the Japanese courtesans and successfully master art of love. On the website Dosug93 you will be able to find prostitutes, the owning this type of massage. You should not give in to stereotypes and to choose only girls with east appearance. Slavic beauties do not concede in sexual abilities and a freedom at all. Girls specify existence of apartments, a possibility of departure and cost of services. You will be able to look at their candid photo and to choose the most pleasant beauty.


Fire and ice


Men love thrills and various impressions. Therefore massage an Oriental cherry branch will be to the taste to them. In it the passion and tenderness is combined. During such massage it is especially important to create the corresponding atmosphere. It is carried out only by girls. At the same time not only hands, but also hair, lips, a uvula are used, but the main feature consists in application of a piece of ice. The prostitute touches with it the client's body, and then collects droplets by the hot language. The prostitute pays special attention to the internal surface of hips, genitals, nipples. A slut slightly bites nipples, then kisses it gently. It brings to the man very pleasant feelings. Courtesans improved this process and brought in it the highlights. For example, the girl moistens a lemon segment in cognac and wipes with it area of hips, breasts, genitals. It causes additional excitement.


Paradise pleasure


Geishas did not allow sexual contacts, but the European prostitutes are more relaxed. After massage you will be able to be engaged with them in classical, anal or oral sex. At desire it is possible to order 2 girls and to feel double pleasure. Sluts will manage to brighten up your intimate leisure and will bring bright paints in your life. Massage "an Oriental cherry branch" - for gourmets which prefer quality to quantity. This refined pleasure which is available not only to Samurais now, but also to the European men.

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